Mentoring Connections

IAEDP’s Connection, Outreach, and Mentoring Committee (COMC)Chairs: Wendy Oliver-Pyatt and Brooke Farrington

Purpose: The purpose of IAEDP mentorship is to provide a resource to clinicians who are new to the field of eating disorders and/or who are new to iaedp, to enhance professional connections and professional development. The mentor is not a supervisor.

A trusted counselor or teacher.  Provides guidance and support to mentee.

Supervision:  Action or process of advising and directing what someone does or how something is done

Guidelines of the Mentorship Connections:

  • This is a volunteer position
  • Mentors must be certified by IAEDP
  • A commitment of approximately 6 weeks which can be increased or decreased at the discretion of the mentor
  • 1-3 participants will be placed a mentor
  • The mentoring roles and relationship will be defined by the mentor/mentee connection. Examples of the function of these relationships include but are not limited to:
    • Professional guidance
    • Navigating IAEDP and Symposiums
    • Facilitation of further connections
    • Invitation to participate in conference Welcoming Breakfast
    • Invitation to participate COMC workshop and program development


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